About Dr. Patrick Flanagan

Dr. Patrick Flanagan™ invented the Neurophone in 1958. It is an electronic nervous system excitation device that transmits sound through the skin directly to the brain, for which he received U.S. Patent no.3,393,279 in 1968. 

The invention earned him a profile in Life magazine, which called him a “unique, mature and inquisitive scientist”. Dr. Flanagan™ has continued to develop the neurophone and it is currently being sold as an aid to speed learning. 

Dr. Flanagan™ at age eleven developed and sold a guided missile detector to the U.S. Military, aged seventeen gained his air pilot’s license and was employed by a Think Tank at The Pentagon, and later as a consultant to the NSA, CIA, NASA, Tufts University, the Office of Naval Research, and the Aberdeen Proving Grounds for the Department of Unconventional Weapons and Warfare.

Since 1981 Dr. Flanagan™ has invented a series of useful devices and products based on water and specific mineral structures, in the area of health. Several of these have been very successful in the marketplace. His identification of the special properties of the negative hydride ion while once ridiculed got serious attention when the Nobelist Chandrasekhar proposed it as a major component in far space. Several scientific papers by Dr. Flanagan™, about Silica and negative Hydrogen have been published in peer reviewed journals such as the ‘International Journal of Hydrogen Energy’, and ‘Free Radical Biology and Medicine’. 

For decades, Dr. Flanagan™ has openly invited stringent scrutiny of his research and discoveries by the medical and scientific communities. The seeds of this effort are blossoming at an exponential rate as the scientific community is validating and embracing his extraordinary contributions. Academics and researchers at universities from Oxford to Stanford are beginning to study Dr. Flanagan™’s breakthrough discoveries and teach them to Scientists of the future.

Dr. Flanagan actively continues his activities as scientist and inventor and philanthropist , promoting the really new science and new approaches to human healing, especially those based on the great traditions of India and Egypt.

Dr. Flanagan’s Life Magazine Article

Whiz Kid, Hands Down
LIFE Magazine – September 14, 1962
Written by: William Moeser  

The very young man above is standing on his head because he says it helps him think. It evidently does. Patrick Flanagan™, a 17-year old inventor from Bellaire, Texas, is already nipping at the heels of the venerable 30- and 40-year-old scientists and inventors who built the remarkable structures seen on pages 54 to 65.

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