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About Phi Sciences


Phi Sciences, founded by Dr. G. Patrick Flanagan, includes a group of doctors, scientists, and businessmen whose vision is to enhance the quality of human life through natural means. Our mission is to improve human health through innovative adoption of valid breakthroughs in science using socially responsible business practices.


In pursuit of our mission, we aim to:


Introduce the next generation of ionized Silica Hydride discovery with Mega H, the most powerful known antioxidant, and MegaHydrate, the first scientifically proven product to increase hydration, clean the blood, and dramatically reduce free radicals.



Investigate the phenomena known as Epitaxy.  Enhancing the structure of water through Crystal Energy® and Microcluster® silica so that people throughout the world can benefit from the best enhanced water.



Commercialize the Neurophone® technology which allows the brain to “hear” directly through the nervous system without using the ears. It is now a highly effective tool for learning, relaxation, and meditation. The Neurophone helps induce whole brain coherence.

Validate our scientific discoveries through stringent peer reviewed studies.


Adhere to excellent manufacturing protocols with production facilities that are ecologically responsible wherever possible.


Include only the highest quality nutriceutical-grade ingredients to achieve maximum effectiveness, safety, and customer satisfaction.


Rigorously and continuously test, assess, and review ingredients for purity and safety.

Phi Sciences wishes to make you a satisfied, lifetime customer.